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Shenzhen Respond Technology Co.,the predecessor is theessenceof soundindustrial Co. Ltd.,founded in 1998,due tothe newbusiness development of the company.Our company has accumulated a lot.Our companyhas accumulated a lot ofexperiencein thetechnology and services,many years of concentrated businessat the same time,in the development ofthe introduction ofabsorption andinnovationalways adhere to theroadof both independentdevelopment,has becomea collection of independent research and development,sales,productionas one of the high-tech enterprises.

The companysellsinternational famous companieselectroacoustic testingproducts,in 2002 won theAmerican LinearxSystem company,DRALaboratoriescompany authorizedagent in Chinadistributor;2003 the German ADMEngieering company,Audiomatica company of Italyauthorizedagent in Chinadistributor;further broaden theroad of developmentcompany.Theaudiotest and measurementfield oftop brandequipmentsales,product support,application of automation testsolution techniques are developedfor the development of the coretechnology,with richexperience and professional knowledge,through the efforts of all staffand pay,has grown to become one ofthe leadingintegrated service provider ofsoundfrequencyin the industry.

Based on theexcellent quality priceto provide customers with moreprofessionaltest and measurementsolutions formission,Respond instrumentset upfactoriesin orderto provide customerswitha complete set oftest and measurementsolutions,the rapid rise ofthe companybusiness,customersareFoxconn,SAIC,theZTE,acoustic,optical,BYDShenyang University,ZhengzhouAviationUniversity,Polytechnic,and other famous enterprisesand institutions.Professional technology,quick service,first-class quality,this is Respond technologystaff commoncognition andthe highest guiding principle.

Respondtechnology aftermore than ten years of continuous developmentand growth,the companyhas formed amaturetechnical service team andperfect after-salesservice management,electroacoustic testingproduct marketingandafter-sales servicenetwork throughout the country,Respond company constantlyupgrading and technology innovation.In a market economyunder the guidance ofcompany self accumulation,technological innovation,the companyhas achieved remarkable resultsin the field ofelectro acousticdetection.Through the feedbackofmarketinformationandcustomerinsight intothe latest trends,so that the companycangrasp the market,with theprecise positioningofthe development direction of the company.Through thechange management,business process reengineering,enterprise cultureand other measures,letRespondcompanybecome a market-oriented,customer as the center of themodern timesenterprise.Looking back at the past,look to the future,Respondcompanyis moving towards a moreambitiousgoal.