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Company Structure

We have allowed the United States LMS, MLSSA, Germany DAAS, ATB, Italy CLIO's mainland agents and distributors qualifications, because we have the full support of the US division, so we have an absolute advantage in price and technology.And is equipped with professional computer, electro-acoustic, international trade personnel, full-time deal with AC Tech technology companies with foreign suppliers.

R & D department

Rui Xin Pu Technology holds the most forward-looking technology.In order to truly maintain the leading position in the industry, Rui Xin Pu aggregation of high-tech talent group of independent research and development capabilities, and research and development division of the United States for technical support, provide reasonable for your needs, the perfect solution.

As a high-tech enterprise, Rui Xin Pu attaches great importance to cultivate the development of technology and senior technical personnel.Company employees regularly targeted training staff to promote continuous learning and progress, often organized R & D staff with internationally renowned high-tech companies and technological exchanges, continue to absorb and master advanced technology at home and abroad Tech, and insisted to ensure adequate developmentinvestment, so always keep pace with international standards in technical companies.


Rui Xin Pu has a mature technology team members average age of 30 years old, all have bachelor degree or above.Relying on its strong technical strength, Rui Xin Pu not only provide enterprises with a complete solution, but also to carry out self-development according to the specific needs of customers.The success of the business units to provide high-quality products at competitive prices and technical solutions.

Customer Service Department

Quality of professional services

Equipped with professional engineers and more than special construction vehicles, ensure fast and professional service

We are committed to serving a year-to-door, three-year warranty