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Acoustic Measurement
Soundcheck electro acoustic analyzer
Soundcheck is a modular acoustic testing system based on PC, it can finish all kinds of high performance parameters of electro acoustic products testing, also can choose the appropriate software module and hardware to build the application scheme of your. No matter for the quality control of production line (QC) and simple operation requirements, and research and development (R&D) with various extensions for Soundcheck can be very good to meet and is applicable to the design and production process. The use of professional sound card through the PC machine in the standard, is the new standard as the hardware of traditional acoustic detection equipment update.
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist

Sound Check electro-acoustic and audio electronic measuring system

Listen American company produced the Sound Check electro-acoustic and audio electronic measurement system that provides a full range of software and hardware systems, equipped with imported original power and other hardware devices

Listen Sound Check is a US company produced precise and powerful electro-acoustic and audio electronic measuring systems, Listen company was founded in 1995 by former Danish B & K Famous acoustic engineer Steve Temme, he founded the world's first set of the most widely usedsoftware and card-based audio analyzers.

Sound check is a modular PC-based acoustic test system, it can accomplish high performance electro-acoustic products of various parameters of the test.Both for the requirements of the production line quality control (QC) simple operation, or for research and development (R & D) should have the requirements of the various extended functions, Sound check can be very good to meet and apply to the entire design and production process.By using a professional sound on a standard PC, Sound check is indeed, as the traditional electro-acoustic detection device hardware newer and better alternatives.

1, lower initial cost, any combination of hardware

2, minimum maintenance costs, direct replacement of parts

3, powerful, achieve secondary development.

4, space-saving, easy to carry, using a laptop with a USB acquisition and control

5, easy customization, module form

6, the integration with other software  Common operating platform

7, R & D and production environment

8, remote test data processing statistics.

SoundCheck - Complete SoundCheck development studio is currently on the market the most comprehensive audio test systems.It has a measurement and analysis, post-processing and statistical capacity several times comparable to those expensive hardware audio analyzer.In addition, SoundCheck just audio analyzer - which is equivalent to a well-equipped research and development studio.It contains all the typical laboratory equipment can be found in the version of the software - a spectrum analyzer, real time analyzer, signal generator, multimeter and oscilloscope, so you do not need additional hardware to be tested.Accurate and powerful front-end input devices, such as high-end professional sound and National Instruments PCI / PXI-4461 data acquisition card provides a high accuracy compared to the proposed test system hardware, while the software-specific algorithms can ensure accurateTest results and depth analysis.SoundCheck played a computer integrated computer capabilities to achieve rapid data acquisition and analysis.These features, combined with a program of advanced post-processing performance, statistical report writing tool box of options, so that the system becomes a powerful tool for the design process.SoundCheck full control and flexibility to the test is the test developer's dream.You do not need programming knowledge to write complex measurement procedures, because all the tests is to establish a series of steps by clicking directly in the graphical interface to form a flow chart format.The user can control the parameters of each test, and all the controls may be displayed simultaneously in the interface in order to achieve rapid development and testing modifications.Test steps to control all functions, including setting hardware parameters, calibration, create incentive value, acquisition, analysis and preservation of data and create reports.SoundCheck is like a pre-programmed integrated library steps; each step can be modified, you can create user-defined steps and add them to the library steps.The entire test procedure is from a single step, or from the group consisting of a combination of several steps from the subroutine, so that, so to establish and modify test fast and simple.Co These test procedures can be saved, so the entire test can click the mouse to complete the establishment of analysis to produce conclusions and archiving.Test steps, procedures and routines can be copied, modified, save, export, and send e-mail.Not only saves time, but also improves the reproducibility of the test program.Although compatibility SoundCheck is a completely separate system, but it can work with any brand of compatible auxiliary test equipment, including the head and torso simulator, simulation, emulation mouth and ears, microphones, amplifiers, telephone test interface, signal router and so on.The system is equally applicable to your future testing needs - will continue to upgrade the software, additional modules will continue to add new features, and these upgrades will be simple and not expensive.Simple and cost-effective to make your laptop really work!If you install SoundCheck system on a laptop, you can take an audio laboratory analytical performance without hardware easy to hit the road.The system is not only cost-effective, and is particularly suitable for the production line a matter of urgency.Advanced report writing capabilities you can export the data in a custom SoundCheck report, or export the data to Microsoft: emoji: Word or Excel software packages like, or as Microsoft Access, SQL or Oracle: emoji: sort of database archiving,reprocessing or report writing.SoundCheck also be using National Instruments' of Test StandTM or Active X: emoji: software testing applications with large want to combine.R & D testing can be easily converted to the production line production line SoundCheck make it easy to perform the same test with the R & D lab - so you can ensure that users now expect to hear exactly the same design engineer effect.In the absence of expensive and complex hardware, SoundCheck prices on production applications are affordable.It's fast and together with automated production lines.Most importantly, it ensures that even advanced algorithms can still reliable test results in a high noise environment.The same test procedure can be configured differently based on the development and use of productive use.For example, a test can be developed to allow the operator to modify the input parameters and outputs a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the report, while the production line version only allows pre-set to "click" operation to output a simple "pass / fail" result to the operator,and writes a comprehensive test results database.Thus, the user can develop within the company testing accuracy, while their manufacturing facilities and or third party vendor version of the common line test procedure.Thus, regardless of where the production, quality control are easy for global SoundCheck - fast and reliable production line testing SoundCheck is ideal for production line testing.It has advanced algorithms, even in high-noise environments, you can still fast and repeatable tests, and fully automated production lines together.It is more reliable than manual audiometry, easier than the "rack and stack" system and the economy.Production line package for this series of low budget provides the functionality required manufacturing industry, but the cost is significantly lower than the development of a comprehensive system.Quick SoundCheck 'advanced algorithms to achieve a very quick test.For example: It is able to perform a comprehensive analysis of the sensor in just one second - including excitation signal generating measurement parameters required, the results compared to the reference standard, and with a simple "pass, fail" message to display the testresults.Multichannel software and hardware options can be achieved simultaneously measure multiple system parameters, in order to quickly test multi-channel devices (such as a mixing board or surround sound system) and batch testing.Filters and analysis algorithms may be specially designed repeatability test can distinguish between signal and background noise, thereby providing in noisy manufacturing environment repeatable test results.Further, in addition to the measurement of all human errors outer audiometry (e.g. fricatives, loose particles, etc.), SoundCheck also able to detect and quantify those errors are not found in human audiometry, easy to use as an inverse polarity you can set up a test for"click" or automated operation to produce "pass / fail" result, while the various levels of password protection that allows you to control who can access and modify the test program.In order to simplify the production test, you can choose Chinese version, so that the production line employees overseas or third-party vendors to understand the guidelines on the screen.These features have been added to the system to provide a simple, error-free operation.SoundCheck no downtime due to hardware using only a computer and a professional audio sound card - easy to buy, and low maintenance costs, so it basically eliminates downtime test system.If a failure occurs, your employees can by using the standard shelf parts to repair operation.You can also choose to get Listen engineers instant remote diagnostics via the Internet.And the combination of the production line and automation software compatible SoundCheck, by using RS-232, IEEE-488, Bluetooth, FireWire, USB and TTL i interface with the bar code system, PLCs and other hardware connected.SoundCheckc by LabVIEW or other support ActiveX commands (VB.NET, C #, C ++, Java, etc.), so it is compatible with most of the test platform.All test results will be recorded in Sound Check inside, or exported to other software for statistical process control.Among the production automation, you can set the test when the test equipment in place at the start, failing equipment will be automatically removed from the production line.Database and statistical capacity you can test to multiple data output options.These include sending to compare the reference standard value of production line operators arising from the "pass / fail" indication, custom SoundCheck reports, or sent to Microsoft: emoji: Access, SQL or Oracle: emoji: database archiving, data developmentacquisition or write a complete report of the test results recorded.SoundCheck also has extensive statistical analysis toolbars, including the Gage R & R, maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, earnings, Cpk and best average.
Sound check wheat silicon electro-acoustic test system configuration

Type / Name
PC host computer
Host control input \ signal, need more than a dual-core CPU, memory, more than 2M, hard drive 80G, with RS232 interface.
Electro-acoustic test software
A full version has R & D R & D, quality control, QC version, production line edition.
Capture Card
PCI capture card, 24-bit / 96KHz sampling rate.
AAI-2718 Power Amplifier
Dual Distortion THD: 0.07%, 1KHz / 1W bandwidth:. 20Hz-20KHz, including impedance test and ICP signal conditioning and arbitrary power supply options.
Free field Bandwidth: 20Hz-20KHz, any matching, such as: B & K, ACO, PCB, GRAS microphone, etc.
. ICP preamplifier or any other way bandwidth: 20Hz-20KHz.
Artificial mouth
Output relatively flat stable and accurate sound field, Bandwidth: 100Hz-8KHz
Tone Corrector
94dB and 114dB, 1KHz, 2 class
Silicon wheat test stand
Wheat by silicon test specifications and volume custom, or homemade.
The main test items :( silicon wheat products, condenser microphone, electret microphone, ECM microphone, dynamic microphone)
Frequency response curve, sensitivity SPL, average sensitivity, THD, multiple harmonic distortion, directivity, FFT real time analysis, electro-acoustic properties of multimeters, signal generators, etc. with the turntable testing.
Standard microphone and preamplifier
Artificial mouth
Audio Power Amplifier AAI-2718

SoundCheck audiotestsystem configuration
Type / name Use
PChost computer The hostcontrolinput / outputsignal,toutilize more thanCPU,more than 2M of memory,hard disk 80G,with RS232 interface
Electroacoustic testingsoftware A full set ofR&Ddevelopmentversion,QC version ofqualitycontrol,production line.
Acquisition card PCI data acquisition card,24-bit/96KHZ sampling rate
AAI-2718 power amplifier Dual channeldistortion rate,THD:0.07%,1KHz/1W,20Hz-20KHz bandwidth,containingresistancetest and a ICPsignal conditioning andarbitrarypower supply mode
Microphone Free field,20Hz-20KHz,free choice,such as: B&K,ACO,PCB,GRAS and othermicrophone
The preamplifier ICP bandwidthof preamplifierorany otherway,:20Hz-20KHz,
The simulation The outputis relatively flatfiles,soundfield,accuratebandwidth: 100Hz-8KHz,
Soundcorrector 94dB and 114dB, 1KHz, 2class
The silicon microphonetest frame According tothe silicon microphonespecifications andvolumecustom

The main test items:

The silicon microphone,condenser microphone,electret microphone,microphone,dynamic microphoneECM

The frequency response curve,sensitivity,THD,SPL,the averagesensitivity ofmultipleharmonic distortion,directivity,FFTanalysis,multimeter,signal generatorand otherelectro acoustic characteristicswithturntable testfunction.

Configuration content
Soundcheck electroacoustic testing system

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