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The 43 series of the simulation of ear44AA/44AB mouth simulationIEC318 simulation of the earIEC711 simulation of the ear
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Acoustic Measurement
MLSSA2000 electroacoustic testing instrument
MLSSA2000 uses the MLS signal (maximum length sequences), it can directly access the system to be measured at MLS under the excitation of impulse response signal, and then through the FFT transform and get the frequency response measurement system, so the MLSSA can obtain the time domain wide. It uses average and a variety of time window, filter out the noise and the effect of reflection; the upper limit frequency of 12BIT dynamic gain 25KHZ anti aliasing filter; the maximum at 65535 FFT, the maximum 0.065HZ frequency accuracy. In order to ensure that improve the accuracy, the application of MLSSA to the anechoic chamber, can obtain almost the same results with the Danish B&K instrument. MLSSA QC has perfect detection function, frequency response curve and Small parameters can be achieved online testing.
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist
 Since the beginning of 1987, MLSSA have much speaker design and manufacturers unanimous praise for the test industry standard within the industry, widely educational, professional audio division, audition room, car manufacturers and government departments used the environmental testing.

Speaker test industry standard

Pink and white -MLS output area -MLS

Bandwidth: 1KHZ to 40KHZ adjustable

Speaker test

Built PASS / FAIL determination function

Thiele-Small parameters with Option

IEC60268-16 Intelligent Voice Test

ISO3382 room acoustics test

Surround stereo equalizer test

MLSSA SPO Option: Speaker test industry standards:

Thiele-small speaker parameters

A 3-D curve innovative method of joining

High noise immunity

Complete DCR measurements

Perfect QC Pass / Fail function

Sound statistical analysis capabilities of public

Friction tone detection

DCR residual correction

MLSSA loudspeaker measurement function is the development and production of high-end speaker indispensable measurement tool:

No response frequency response test

Cumulative spectral attenuation map

Energy - time graph

Time Domain consistency and sound Young Center

Speakers directional measurement

Speaker impedance measurement

Distortion measurements (including intermodulation distortion & harmonic distortion)

QC discriminant function

Thiels-Small parameter measurement options

 MLSSA RCAI (remote analog box) Applications:

Speaker Impedance Measurement & frequency curve of merger

You can quickly complete the setup measuring amplifier power reference point

Automated bonding impedance and frequency response of quality control testing procedures

Spatial averaging measurements

Four microphone input conversion

Three-way signal source input conversion
 MLSSA2000 Hardware

Analog pink filter: ± 1dB maximum error

Pink - the longest sequence code and white - the longest sequence code signal output

Output 100mA source protection

To drive long-term and low-impedance load

Measurement precision solder

96KHz sampling rate

16MHz ISA card

Configuration content
MLSSA2000 electroacoustic testing system

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