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The 43 series of the simulation of ear44AA/44AB mouth simulationIEC318 simulation of the earIEC711 simulation of the ear
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Acoustic Measurement
LX500 electroacoustic testing system
Portable USB electroacoustic instrument in LX500, all the imported electroacoustic instrument in the highest price, the lowest price, the most complete function, many functions of BK with hundreds of thousands of testers are comparable, in the domestic and foreign well-known, in the previous version based on LMS added the following functions, especially now USB version the utility model is convenient to carry, weight only 0.7KG: covering all previous hardware and software version of the LMS characteristics and functions, and the expansion of a new function, high performance, high precision, frequency testing of analog signals, the range of 10Hz-100kHz, high performance optional multiplication DAC architecture, and is suitable for the high signal noise test the accuracy of the measurement of the true value of RMS.
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist


LinearX company LX500 USB portable electro acoustic testing instrument, in all similar imported electroacoustic instrument price highest function the most complete, lowest price, a lot of functions with the price of the hundreds of thousands of BK tester can match, with high reputation in domestic and foreign, in previous LMS4 based version of the new increase the following functions, especially now converted into a USB version, is very convenient to carry, weighing only 0.7KG.

LX500 covers the features and functionality of all hardware and software of the previous LMS version, and extends the new functionality:

>High performance, high accuracy, the full analog signal frequency domain testing, range of 10Hz-100kHz

>High performance selectable multiplicative DAC architecture

>RMS true measurement for high accuracy noise and signal testing

>The phase real measurement of the noise resistance can be measured continuously for 360 degrees

>The low distortion can edit the sinusoidal signal with an accuracy of 0.001%, 10Hz-100kHz

>Accurate noise generator, flat PINK filter (0.05dB), 10Hz-40kHz

>8- pole can be edited by the filter combination can be used for low-pass, high pass and bandpass applications

>The filter combination can be inserted into the output path for the generation of limited bandwidth noise

>Universal 4 pass finite bandwidth filters: 10Hz, 20Hz, 400Hz, 22.4Hz

>Extended 4 low-pass finite bandwidth filters: 20KHz, 22.4KHz, 80KHz, 30KHz

>The weighted filter is extended to ANSI-B, ANSI-A, ANSI-C, ANSI-D, ITU-R-ARM, ITU-R-468

>Three kinds of multi-function input: balanced, LVP interface, 48V phantom power

>The dynamic range of 140DB: -120DB, the maximum: +20DBM

USB interface, WINDOWS compatible software

Single test multiple curves, a variety of measurement

GL 3D Open graphics display polarity 3D data

The newly added software and QC macro features, support LT360 turntable

DB25M digital output signal for control relay, servo system, etc.

Built in store all correction data and can be traced

fw-01 Technical Specifications

Signal Generator: Dual 24-bit, D / A converter

Frequency range: 1HZ ~ 90kHz

Frequency accuracy:> 0.01%

Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz

Output Impedance: 660Ω

The maximum output level (sine wave): 17dBu (5.5V RMS)

Output attenuation: 0.1dB step

THD + noise (sine wave): 0.008%

Digital Output: SONY & PHILIPS digital format

Analyzer: 2 channel 24-bit A / D converter

Input range: + 40 ÷ -40dBV

Maximum input range: + 40dBV (283V peak)

Input impedance: 128K ohm (5.6kΩ Mic)

Phantom Power: 24V

PC system resources

A IEEE1394 port

Other parameters

Sampling frequency: 192kHz, 96kHz, and 48kHz optional

Audio interface: two XLR Combo analog inputs, two XLR and two RCA analog outputs, an RCA digital output

digital Interface: 6 PIN IEEE1394

Power supply: IEEE1394 or 12VDC (external power supply)

Size: 16 (W) × 17 (d) × 4 (h)

Weight: 0.8kg

Configuration content
LX500 electroacoustic testing system
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