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Acoustic Measurement
LMS 4.6 electronic testing instrument
Speaker PC test system consisting of a ISA expansion card, RS232 interface cable, Windows application software and a microphone calibration based on the M31 (standard). QC can be used for testing, the loudspeaker design and development, as well as a variety of general electro acoustic measurement. Its rich graphical user interface so that the function of convenience and the operation of the system is enhanced greatly. It is a very high cost of the acoustic analysis system can provide high quality data for the actual acoustic engineering application, and the strong function of computer based, pay special attention to meet the unique requirements of speakers to develop and test of QC, is the ideal tool for professional audio systems, car audio, home audio system, audio engineering acceptance.
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist
Based speaker test system consists of a PC-ISA expansion cards, RS232 cable access products, Windows applications, and a calibrated microphone M31 (standard) components. QC tests are available for the speaker, speaker design and development, as well as a variety of common electro-acoustic measurement. Its rich graphical user interface makes the system easy and functional operation greatly enhanced. Is a very high cost of electro-acoustic analysis system that provides high-quality data suitable for practical application of electro-acoustic engineering, and powerful computer-based, with particular emphasis on meeting the unique requirements of development and QC testing speakers, a professional sound system, ideal tool for home audio systems, car audio, sound engineering acceptance.

Support any brand printers.

Libraries can save 99 curve curve compared with the average.

Curve can be transferred directly to the LEAP-5 for analysis.

Multi-curve copy / paste transfer.

Accurate speaker argument deduction.

Young parameter simulation expertise.

Powerful export function chart.

Manual frequency scanning.

Scanning accuracy up to 800 points.

Test the macro editor.

Edit microphone parameter file \ created.

Curve color, background, thickness of any modification, convenient overlap, print, compare.

Edit curves, create, modify.

Powerful post-processing and directional polar diagram display.

LMS system hardware:

LMS low-distortion sine wave oscillator, bistable adjustable tracking filter, microphone preamplifiers, gated peak / average level detection circuit. Li measurement accuracy and flexibility can be comparable with other expensive times of the system, for novice and experienced veteran, it is easier to set up and operate.

LMS System Software:

Eight kinds of measurement modes: voltage, SPL, impedance, RT60, inductors, capacitors, voltage, pole figures.

All hardware functionality of LMS can be controlled and modified by the analyzer parameters dialog, but also save the file in the future as a quick call to the control panel setting parameters on disk for. Any frequency within 10Hz to 100KHz sweep point range, precision scanning points selectable from 2-800 points.

All figures are in a WYSIWYG fashion drawing board design. Screen display and printouts same. Users can perform a variety of design elements graphic full control, including the type of font, color and line. The system also provides input project name, personnel, and custom graphic file name of the company, which also comes with a graphical layout and precautions comment zone area. Using any standard Windows printer driver, you can support high-resolution full-color printing.

LMS software written by the user macro control. LMS macro programming language can be used to write information screen prompts the operator to control the test scan, run the software tool to control graphics printing, output data, and perform pass / fail testing.
Technical parameters
VI-BOX Maximum load voltage: 100 Volts
maximum load current: 25 Amps
shunt resistor: 1 Ohm / 10 mOhm, 1%, 7W
PAC  1 slot portable analysis case
11 slot RS232 turn isa expansion box through COM interface calculator complete with LMS hardware communication, make your LMS into a real mobile portable electro acoustic analyzer (only applicable to LMS)
Software LMS Version 4.60.352 
Hardware I8-bit PC SA adapter
M31M31 in polar measurement microphone
Option VI-Box 

Configuration content
LMS4.6 electroacoustic testing system

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