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Acoustic Measurement
CLIO electroacoustic instrument
Clio electroacoustic instrument with extraordinary economic price established electroacoustic testing system performance to price the new standard, which is compatible with the currently analysis of MLS&Logchirp electroacoustic testing system used, sinasoical scanning, FFT, and up to 12 functions in a body, is simple and friendly interface, and fast measurement data and graphic import export functions is to meet the needs of your current and future audio test, excellent performance, applicable in a wide range of electroacoustic instrument.
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist

With the software system for CLIO11 Clio is a complete audio and acoustic testing apparatus and make the state of theart solutions of laboratory, field and production quality control applications.CLIO11 is designed to support and drive the existing hardware, such as the fw01 audio interface and ready to adapt to the future development; support for the operating system has been extended to the latest Windows 8.

This paper briefly introduces some new features that are given CLIO11:

The new hardware driver Windows 8 fully compatible with the firing line

Windows OS supports XP, Vista, 7 and 8

New installation package

The appearance of the new system and the feel of the re design of the user interface and the touch screen gesture control

Main menu and system features:

Direct data and graph exports to the clipboard

Load by dragging the file

CLIO application domain

Loudspeaker, microphone, earphone, phone, phone, hearing aid and audio power amplifier equipment.

Measurement current:

Direct qcbox output level set

Signal generator:

New interactive control panel

Continuous sine sweep

Real time for low and high pass filters

MLS menu:

To 2msamples stimulation

Automatic delay function for capture

Time / frequency display for interactive

Sine menu:

Frequency resolution of up to 1 / 192nd frequency range

Impedance measurements of the voltage current with the 2 channel A / B at the speaker terminals

Fast Fu Liye transform menu:

Event trigger mode

Dual channel real-time display

The transfer function of life is hidden for low coherence data and multi-resolution analysis

CEA ANSI 2010 Standard Test Support

New directions and 3D balloon menu:

The re - Design of user interface speaker directivity measurements and post-processing

Two dimensional parameters and frequency

D random sampling

D inverse distance weighting algorithm

New time-frequency analysis menu:

The re design of the wavelet user interface, cumulative spectral decay and energy time-frequency analysis

MLSSA impulse response file import

WAV impulse response file import

Acoustic parameters menu:

MLSSA impulse response file import

WAV impulse response file import

The equivalent sound level menu:

Time data export

CLIO11 firewall is a system.It includes the fw01 interface hardware and it runs CLIO11 standard software or QC CLIO11.These two parts can not be alone.

The fw01 live wire audio interface sets the new hardware accuracy standards for the test system.

CLIO 11 software is a new measurement software for CLIO system..CLIO11 software is fully compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

Software Testing Technology

Compared to other measurement systems, CLIO11 concentrates many different audio power to a single.

Three different measurement techniques are available for system identification and characterization.:

The analysis of the stimulus by the US and logchirp using pseudo random noise or logarithmic pulse

Sinusoidal sweep using sinusoidal signal

FFT, RTA and "live" transfer function lets you choose any stimulus, or even live music.While other instruments offer a possible measurement option, CLIO11 gives you three options that allow viewing of physical phenomena like frequency response, impedance or other parameters from three different perspectives.The final results will be verified by the consistency of these measurements: any expert technicians who know that this is the right approach should be used.

The following professional control panel for other specific measurements:

Sound level meter iec61672 integral sound level meter and frequency analysis Leq

The nonlinear distortion of an electronic device is nonlinear behavior

Interactive LCR bridge allows the passive components to measure the fly

The time and frequency of the robot

Frequency counter

In addition to measurement results you get a sophisticated post-processing tool:

Characteristic parameters of Thiele speaker

Characterization of the acoustic parameters of IS3382 and STI and the hall of the room

The waterfall graph to evaluate the sound attenuation of 3D or color plots

The directivity of the speaker is characterized by color maps, circular or waterfall like scenarios

Complete 3D speaker directivity characterization of three-dimensional balloon analysis (only in the QC version)

Wavelet analysis of the characteristics of joint time-frequency speakers

Evaluation of RLR loudness rating calculator, SLR and masking (only in QC)

Use all of the above measurement and post processing techniques, it is powerful quality that can be customized script control, the management and identification of electronic or electro acoustic device production line.

(*) only 32 bit operating systems

The quality control for the CLIO software extension is performed by the art production line test state: a robust suite.

CliOQC implements all the measurement techniques in the standard software of the European standard to add a generic script processor to the discovery of the test sequences that best suit your needs.

CliOQC can test a loudspeaker, production driver, microphone, amplifier and other electroacoustic devices.

CliOQC can interact with the external hardware or the production line controller in addition to the PC peripheral, the computer network or the custom software to realize the automatic test line..

CliOQC can be configured as a test server.It can easily be a system for complex quality measurement techniques in a custom written application.In the interaction occurring with the TCP / IP transmission protocol gives the possibility of remote control for network.ompared other measurement systems, and CLIO11 focuses on the power of many different musical instruments to a single.


Fw-01 specifications

Signal generator: dual channel 24 bits, D/A conversion

Frequency range: 1HZ~90kHz

Frequency accuracy: > 0.01%

Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz

Output impedance: 660

Maximum output level (sine wave): 17dBu (RMS 5.5V)

Output decay: 0.1dB stepping

Total harmonic distortion + noise (sine wave): 0.008%

Digital output: SONYPHILIPS digital format

Analyzer: 24 channel 2 bit A/D conversion

Input range: +40 / -40dBV

Maximum input range: +40dBV (283V peak)

Input impedance: 128K ohm (5.6k microphone input)

Phantom power: 24V

PC system resources

A IEEE1394 port

Other parameters

Sample frequency: 192kHz, 96kHz and 48kHz selectable

Audio interface: 2 Combo XLR analog input, 2 XLR and 2 RCA analog outputs, 1 RCA digital output

Digital interface: 6 IEEE1394 PIN

Power supply: IEEE1394 or 12VDC (external power supply)

Dimensions: 16 (W) x 17 (d) x 4 (H)

Weight: 0.8kg

Configuration content
SC-01 CLIO converting box
MIC-01 MIC-02 or CLIO standard microphone
Connecting cable

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