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The 43 series of the simulation of ear44AA/44AB mouth simulationIEC318 simulation of the earIEC711 simulation of the ear
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Sunshine electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 152A
Electro acoustic components have different impedance values at different frequencies, need to be tested components of the nominal impedance frequency of measured impedance. 152A built-in 20Hz to 8kHz signal generator and two large LCD display impedance meter and frequency meter, which can respectively display the test frequency and the measured resistance value, and the upper and lower limits can be set automatically, high pass / fail, can be used in the production line of 100% quality inspection. 152A is not only suitable for the speaker factory, factory headphones, headphones, and is also suitable for incoming inspection, monitor, multimedia audio factory factory factory electroacoustic component.
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist
 Jieke DC resistance and AC impedance measurements.

Built-in signal generator 20Hz ~ 8kHz, continuously adjustable, can be connected to an external signal generator.

Can be set on the lower limit, high-speed measurement pass / fail.

Large LCD impedance meter and frequency meter, also when independent frequency counter.

Technical parameters
  Impedance / Resistance Range 0 Ω ~ 120 Ω, Resolution 0.1 Ω
120 Ω ~ 4000 Ω, Resolution 1 Ω
Signal Generator 20Hz ~ 8 kHz , adjustable
Tolerance 1 kHz Zx : ≦ ± ( 0.4 % +0.1 Ω )    Zx ( 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz ):≦ ± ( 0.8% + 0.1Ω)
DCR ≦±( 0.2 % + 0.1 Ω )
 Frequency Counter 10 Hz  ~  100 kHz

Configuration content
Sunlight AC impedance meter
Audio line

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