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Audio Scanners
The sun audio scanner 7116C
Sunshine 7116C automatic sweep signal generator is designed to detect a variety of electro-acoustic components (Rattle & Buzz) and dynamic tests designed instrument. Both for speakers, headphones, receiver, buzzer, sirens and other manufacturer's R & D department, quality control department and production lines to use, but also for the manufacture of a variety of electro-acoustic products factory IQC use. Such as stereo plant, telephone Factory, headphones factory, speaker factory, computer multimedia factory. Standard sine wave, low distortion, the most suitable speaker noise audiometry
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist
Swept sine wave distortion rate
THD ≦ 0.15%, 20Hz ~ 20 kHz. Best suited for detecting speakers and other audio components of an unusual sound.
Digital display voltmeter and frequency meter
Digital display voltage and frequency values, to meet the precise determination of requirements, but also more durable than traditional pointer meter, impact
Logarithmic sweep
Can be manually or automatically logarithmic sweep, sweep from / to sweep frequency range you can also need to be set.
Easy to learn, easy to use
Key features simple and clear, the use of non-professionals will provide 20W, 60W, 100W and 200W output power of different models for the purchase, and is accompanied by triple short circuit protection, output short circuit can tolerate long, also It will not damage the instrument.
Voltage values are coarse and fine adjustment setting button
Resolution of 0.001V voltage meter, supplemented by coarse and fine adjustment of the volume adjustment knob can easily adjust the required voltage, low voltage precision required for receiver headphones, especially easy to set up.
Excellent reliability
Accumulated 20 years of professional experience in design, very low failure rate, high stability, defying continuous use weather.
You can manually test Fo value, the frequency can also be fine-tuning
Digital display frequency table, supplemented by frequency tuning knob, it can accurately measure the lowest resonance frequency Fo value of speakers.
Technical parameters
Frequency range 20Hz~20 kHz
Frequency error ≦±0.25dB, 20Hz~20 kHz
Scan Mode Manual, automatic logarithmic sweep
Sine wave distortion THD THD≦0.15%,    (0.1% Typical.) ( 20Hz ~ 20 kHz.)
Sweep time 0.3~40seconds
Frequency meter 4-digit display Resolution:  1 Hz. Accuracy  :  ±1 Hz.
load impedance ≧ 2 Ω
Voltmeter 3¾ digit, autoranging Low Range:  0.000v ~3.300v. Resolution :  0.001v High Range:  3.300v ~40.00v. Resolution:  0.01v. Accuracy  : ±0.6% of reading±2dgts.  
Output voltage adjustment range 7116C  ( 20W ) 7116C  ( 60W ) 7116C  ( 100W ) 7116C  ( 200W )
0 ~ 12.6 V 0 ~ 22.0 V 0 ~ 28.3 V 0 ~ 40.0 V
0 ~ 9.0 V 0 ~ 15.5 V 0 ~ 20.0 V 0 ~ 28.3 V

Configuration content
Sunlight scanner
Audio line

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