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Sun noise source 8121C
Sunshine 8121C noise source can continuously load capacity speakers, speaker boxes, headphone splitters sound and other audio products tested and set for a rated input power of the product, testing the speaker sound pressure sensitivity and fit the spectrum analyzer to test the speakers the frequency response curve.
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist
This machine is a logic circuit to produce "Pseudo Random Noise", which is to produce the most advanced audio white noise method.

General noise generator, almost all white noise and pink noise only, to use it to test the speakers, you must add another feature Weighting Filter, power amplifier and True rms voltmeter, a total of four kinds of circuits in order to test the speakers. The machine is designed to quadruple, which already contains all the above four circuits, including, in addition to produce white noise, pink noise, there were three kinds Weighted Noise, consistent with national standards as shown in the following page.

The machine can also use the internal noise source, he needed an external weighting filter, and then give the test amplified speakers via the internal power amplifier, so the machine can be applied Speaker power test other special purposes; if every national standard modification, this machines can also filter through into the external, and easily achieve the purpose of changes to the national standard spectrum.
Main purpose:
1. Speakers box, headphones, sound, etc. splitters continuous load test.
The results of this test set out by measuring the rated input power.
3. Fill the speaker produces noise, to determine the speaker's sound pressure sensitivity (dB value).
4. Use pink noise of this machine with an audio spectrum analyzer can measure the frequency response curve of the speaker.
Additional Information:
8121B for the old model, has been completely shut down, in order to replace 8121C, 8121B and 8121C with a different point of that EIA-426A weighting filter used 8121C abandon 8121B (EIA-426A has been repealed), to switch to the latest requirements of EIA- 426B weighting filter. Another supply: Model - 8121FT - 1 noise filter that complies with ICE-268-1 specification. (Need to be used in conjunction with the 8121B or 8121C, please refer to the diagram)

(1) 8121FT-1 but the weighting filter in accordance with the provisions of IEC-268-1 manufactured, must meet and connect Sunshine Electronic Instrument Factory manufactured after 8121C or 8121B, in order to produce in line with the provisions of IEC-268-1 weighted noise filtering, for speaker and life test set speaker rated power.
Note (2) Use: input signal source is checked using the pink noise (Pink Noise), can not use other types of signal noise sources.
(3) thus generated noise weighting filter and also comply with JIS C5532 regulated by filtering noise.

Technical parameters
Noise mode 1. White noise: bandwidth 20Hz kHz ~ 100 Roll off -3dB:: -24dB / Flatness Oct.: + 1dB
2. Pink noise: bandwidth -3dB: 20Hz ~ 20 Roll off kHz: -24dB / factor Oct.Crest: 4 (IEEE 219)
3. Weighted noise: CNS 219, IEEE 4785, 268-5 IEC, C5531. JIS
4. Weighted noise II: accord with RS426B EIA.
5. Weighted noise III: DIN 45573
Voltmeter Divided the root values into Hi/Lo  Lo:0 ~ 6 V   Hi:0 ~ 30 V
Precision <±( 1% rdg. + 0.5% F.S. )
Power amplifier 1. 100W continuous output (with the maximum output of sine wave unclipped)
2. The frequency response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz + 0.2Db, 20 kHz ~ 100kHz + 1dB
3. Short circuit protection circuit: permanent short-circuit nor damage to the instrument
4. Load resistance: more than 2 ohm.

Configuration content
Sunlight noise generator
Audio line

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