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Welcome To Shenzhen Respond Technology CO.,LTD

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Shenzhen RuiXinPuTechnology Co.,Ltd.,founded in 1998,the company is located in ShenzhenCity,Baoan District,the company is committed tobecome thefield of acoustical measurementsolutions provider,is a collection research and development,sales,service as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Shenzhen RuiXinPuTechnology Co.,the company hasextensive use ofelectro acoustic measurementanalysis instrument,modelrange.In order to meet theneed ofacoustic,vibration andotherenvironmental parametersmeasurement,and its products can beaccording to customer requirementsintocorresponding andcompletemeasurement and analysis system.Shenzhen RuiXinPuTechnology Co.,Ltd.each set ofmeasurement systemcanensure that you get thebesteffectin domestic and overseasproduct testingstandards,but alsocan ensure thatthe system hasperfect compatibility.

Since its establishment,Shenzhen RuiXinPuTechnology Co.,Ltd.has rapidly become aChinaacoustictest and analysisinstrumentresearchand manufacturing company,has a wealth of experience.We firmly believe thatonly aprofessional team can providehigh quality products and services.Listen to the voice of the market,understand the customer'sdemands,and help customers to solvepractical problemsinproduction,research and developmentis facing thetarget and the basicorientation ofour.

The company's business scope

Sales agent

Shenzhen RuiXinPuTechnology Co. theauthorizedagent in Chinawithexcellenttechnical strength,has achieved Linearx,ADM,ACO,DRA,Audiomatica,EARTHWORKS ",Sunlilab(Yang Guang)and other international well-knownbrandagency.We havemanyyears of industryexperience,according to the actual situation of enterprises,can provideforthe different needs of enterprises,improveandmoretargeted solutions.Rui Xin Pu compan.RuiXinPucompanyto customerserviceis a long-term and stable.

Independent development

RuiXinPucompany asa professionalaudio measurementinstruments andagents,in order to service andsenior technical engineerforthesolutions,to provide customers with practical.The companysince its establishment in 1998,the constant pursuit ofthe field ofacousticmeasuring instrumentof high,professionaltechnology,through theunremitting efforts,has become theinternational famous brands equipmentsalesas the main body,taking into accountits own brand ofinstrument developmentand the rapid developmentof the well-known enterprises.In recent years,the independent development of thesweeper,artificial earand other practicalproducts.RuiXinPu,tailor-made for you,to give you a satisfactoryproduct quality.

Customer servicerepair

A full range of after-sales serviceisRuiXinPuelectroacousticcompanyalways adhere tothe purpose,all sales ofaudio testproducts three yearswarranty,policy andtechnical training and productmaintenancemaintenance of life,a professional engineerin time foryou to solve theproblemoffailure andis nowin the actual use of the process.



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