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Electro-acoustic devices technology upgrades should be five aspects

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As the core ofaudio-visual products,electronicdeviceshave attracted more and more attention.It is understood that,in our countryhas developed its ownmasterparts fromelectro acoustic devicesto finished all the productiontechnology,the formation ofelectro acoustic deviceproductionindustrialsystem anda complete industrial chain,but to really formthe core competition ability ofdomesticelectro acoustic devices,still have a long way to go.

Foundationproject: the importance ofsoftwareand equipmentGB

The development and application ofelectro acoustic devicesandcomponents of CAD,CATand CAM Technology

Methodof electro acoustic devicecan alwaysuses the equivalent circuit,the application ofelectronic circuit,circuit analysis ofcharacteristicsin differentfrequency range,to achieveexcellentperformance requirementsof electro acoustic deviceacoustic performance and theinferenceof electro acoustic devicecomponents.Whenweanalysissoftware can bethe equivalentof electro acoustic deviceforthree parameters: thedamping(Rm),compliance(Cm)and quality(Mm),the three parametersmainly depend on thesoftwareof the material itself,the young's modulus ofEmaterialdensity andinternal damping coefficient,but alsorelated tothe shape andprocessingsoftwaremethods.The softwareis a specialshape,to correctlydetermine thesoftwareof the young's modulus anddampingis very difficult,but oncethe most basic E,P,internaldamping providedis not accurate,then as acircuitbased Rm,Cm,Mmis notaccurate,circuit analysiserrorswill be very large.The use of CAT technologyto testthe speakersoftwareEand other physical parameters,mechanicaldesignusing CADloudspeakermagnetic circuit design,thermal designand parts of thedesign and implementation of CAD,and thenthe speaker unit.At the same time,can also be based onthe diaphragmand other physical parameters,the simulationis madeon the computercanpredictsample,displaytheperformance index ofproductssuch asfrequency response.Theindicatorsandthe requirements of the original designwere compared,in order to achievethe predetermined requirements,modify theparameters,and thenthe simulationon the computer,after several revisions,thesimulationsoftware is completelymeet the requirements of theperformance of the finished productneeded.According to theperformance index ofthe simulation software,using CAMprocessingand CAT testing,to achieve the desiredperformance requirements ofsoftware.

Detection ofelectro acoustic devicesandequipmentproduction line

Theconsistency of theelectro acoustic devicerequirements more and more high.Manufacturersin addition toensure as far as possiblecomponents manufacturingerror can not betoo large,to strengthen thedetectionin the production processandfinishedparts detection.Thespeakerin addition to conventionalsine wave listening,thesensitivity,frequency responseareone hundred percentmicrophonetest,too,not to mention thetransmitter and receiver.Detectionoftheproduction lineis different from the conventionaltest equipmentrequirements to the testequipment,such astesting equipmenttotestthe stabilityof long-term work,speed is too slow,the testproduction lineof environmental noisedoes not affect themeasurement results.How to further improve thestabilityandreduce the effect of noisetesting instrumenttotest results,there are manytechnical difficultiestoovercome.

The assemblyof electro acoustic devicehasbasicallydo theassembly line,in order to ensure the assemblyline,all enterprises arebased on the characteristics of their productsdeveloped lots ofcorrespondingandeffectiveassembly toolsand special equipment,played a positive role inthe quality of productsandimprove thequalified rate.But thegreatuniversalequipmentis the weak link,such ashigh efficiency,low energy consumption andmagnetizing machine,highmagnetic induction intensityis one example.Theneodymium iron boronmagnetmagnetic energylevel(Nd-Fe-Ba)toits inherenthigh,can be processed intoa very small volumeand othercharacteristicshave been widely used inelectro acoustic devices,however,because ofitshighcoercive force,themoreis the firstmagnetfilledmagneticre assembly,so thereareassembling processthe trouble,the low percent of pass.If thehighmagnetic induction intensityof magnetizationfunction to get thereal application,the Nd-Fe-Ba magnetwill be more widely used inelectro acoustic devices,improve the performance ofelectro acoustic deviceandreduce cost isvery meaningful.



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