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Acoustic Audio Analyzer
LEAP sound design software
LEAP this set of acoustic design software, a total of two design systems, one for the audio design (frequency network) simulation software, a speaker design simulation software. Traditional horn design for testing loudspeaker monomer after, the related calculation formula is designed for speakers, monomer and sound box is combined test, if does not meet the design requirements, in modified, in this one to one to the test, the design process will waste a lot of time, leap design system, measured by horn data transmitted to the speaker design simulation, box, appearance and environmental testing, divides the sound simulation, and output test chart, with the development of modern computer technology, design a set of hi end audio, or mobile phone Recevier system, an earphone system, will no longer be a difficult.
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LEAP speaker design software system is composed of EnclosureShop and CrossoverShop application software. EnclosureShop handle the speaker model and box design, while the CrossoverShop provides the tool in your measurement response data base on the design of the filter's circuit structure. At the same time, the two procedures through the box and its frequency divider to form a complete design and analysis. EnclosureShop horn and box simulation, revolutionary diffraction analysis, case analysis and arbitrary structure near field / standard SPL analysis, Polar analysis, 360 of the 53 parameter database horn infinite or limited range of loudness and nonlinear acoustics circuit simulation system of rapid design and reverse design tools OpenGL horn 3D image simulation CrossoverShop the crossover is simulated and analyzed, and the design of FIR digital filter IIR and mixed domain simulation and digital design, pre integrated engine - SPL, group delay and impedance optimization and graphical editor, fully automated circuit design wizard crossovers 22 professional circuit components, electrical circuit simulator / acoustic database and the sensitivity analysis, simulation of passive and active circuit design and analysis of whether your application is consumer audio, car stereo, profound professional audio or custom rare have a fever sound, LEAP provides rich functionality and unique precision of every possible design transformation. Its open architecture and broad spectrum features will significantly reduce your development time and improve the quality of the final results, LEAP has become the world's professional speakers designers preferred.


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LEAP sound design software

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