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The 43 series of the simulation of ear44AA/44AB mouth simulationIEC318 simulation of the earIEC711 simulation of the ear
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The 43 series of the simulation of ear44AA/44AB mouth simulationIEC318 simulation of the earIEC711 simulation of the ear
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Acoustic audio accessories
ISA/PCI industrial special computer
Specialized industrial special computer Microcomputer NTEL Core 2 Quad/Duo E5300 CPU SRAM 2G DDR3 memory 1X PRINT parallel port SPP/EPP/ECP mode optional Supports ISA/PCI extension bus Storage 500G hard drive Complete IO interface: 1xVGA, 8xUSB, 1xPS/2, 2xCOM
Function IntroductionTechnical ParametersConfiguration Checklist
Suitable for LMS, MLSSA and other ISA/PCI card electro acoustic analyzer
CPU E5300 2.6GHz
System chip Intel®G41 + Intel®ICH7
System memory 2G DDRIII  SDRAM
Display chip G41 GMA X4500 integrated Intel
Display interface VGA interface
Net export RTL8111DL Realtek, 2 RJ45 interfaces (10/100/1000Mbps network controller)
Sound card ALC662 MIC-IN, support LINE-OUT Realtek and LINE-IN
Storage 320G或500G SATA
Watchdog When the timer overflows, it causes a reset.
I/O interface A SPP/EPP/ECP port, 2 RS-232 supports 1 floppy drive
A PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface, 8 USB 2 interface
Expansion slot 4 PCI slots, 1 ISA slots, 1 PIMG slots
Power Supply 220V 300W AT rated power
Shell material Cold rolled steel heavy beige paint
Casing size 240.2(W)*401.4(D)*154.7mm(H)
Working humidity 95% ~ 10% non condensation
Working temperature 0℃~60℃
Ordering information TOP-6051-G41/500G Intel G41 hanging machine

Configuration content
Wall type industrial machine

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